Just Sold We had another active month last month. We had two great properties that just sold, and very quickly. In both cases, the owners planned well in advance to make a move. They upgraded the homes to meet the market and they priced the homes just right, with our help.

This town home on Medlock is in a popular mid-century modern community that has maintained its historic integrity over the decades. The owners purchased this property over a year ago and quickly set about improving on elements that had been neglected. The open floor plan was a challenge, as they were considering taking out more of the wall between the kitchen and the living room. In the end, they decided that the flow of the property made more sense, as is.

Just soldWe helped our clients purchase this home on west Earll back in 2011. Since that time, they updated mostly decorative elements. The kitchen, while small, had the potential to be opened up significantly. So, there came a decision point: is it worth it to upgrade the kitchen and seek a higher price? Or, should we list the home at a price where somebody else could do that work? Given that our clients were looking for a new home, it made more sense to leave the demolition to somebody else. The price was just right, as we got offers quickly, but still did not leave money on the table.

Those clients are happily settling in to a new patio home in North Central.

The lesson in this market is that you really want to plan ahead. Set your renovation and upgrade goals and work toward them at a pace that does not make the process overly-frustrating.

If you work with us to watch the market on a regular basis, we can pick just the right time to list. Call us at 602-456-9388. 


Written by phxAdmin