Special thanks to Anna Kuttner of Haven Boutique for hosting an incredible Get Your PHX event last month. Anna gave out over $200 worth of prizes and discounted her wares for our event. Thanks also to Bob Hodge of Hob Nobs for providing food for Get Your PHX and for hosting our after-party. We had about 100 people through to celebrate Haven Boutique.

We are very excited about the June Get Your PHX at monOrchid. For those of you not new to Get Your PHX, you will recall that we visited monOrchid back in 2009. We are returning because monOrchid is undergoing a renaissance of sorts.

We have a whole cast of great characters for this next event. First, you will get to learn about monOrchid’s new push to revitalize a hub for creative industries on Roosevelt, with new pricing structures for their co-lab spaces.

“Businesses can rent creative space for as little as $250 per month and offices for as little at $550 per month,” says owner Wayne Rainey.

Second, and crucial to creating a space that is full of activity and collaboration, monOrchid is introducing the Songbird Coffee and Tea HouseThis next Get Your PHX event will be an exclusive look at the new downtown addition, only weeks before it opens.

According to Wayne, “With the introduction of Songbird and the array of other creative businesses sharing this space, our customers have access to unparalleled creative collaborations.”

To add a berry on the top of this ice cream sunday of pure sunshine, our own Monika Woolsey has organized for MojoTree Farms, an exotic food importer, to host the event and showcase their new import, thePichuberry. This healthy fruit is a fair trade, nutritious fruit, which MojoTree is hoping to begin growing in Arizona as a local and unique alternative. Mojo will show us how the fruit can be used in foods and, yes, even cocktails. So, you don’t want to miss that part!

monOrchid played a central and historically important role in the development of First Fridays downtown. I’m so excited about this new creative hub that I am going to have office space there as well, where I will be helping monOrchid market the new creative co-lab efforts.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Fan Page for updates. As you know, there are always surprises.

June Get Your PHX
Thursday, June 21st from 5:30 to 7:30pm.
214 E Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ 85004 Map here
Written by phxAdmin