5341 N. Seventh Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 265-3604

Several months ago we tried Two Hippies tacos and dug it. The amount of food for the price was great, and the same is almost much true for the pizzeria they opened up on 7th Ave.  For less than $8 you can get a decent sized pie that is made fresh in about ten minutes.  Given my recent re-conversion to vegetarianism, I went with the white pizza that had only vegetables and cheese while my companion tried something with meat.  Her feelings were as mixed as mine.

This is more like a Chicago-style pizza, rather than a Sicilian –more dough, more cheese.  The dough was a little doughy, but not enough to prevent me from eating it.  Holy Toledo was there a lot of cheese, though.  Who doesn’t love cheese?

The décor and style is in keeping with the other spots, including limited outdoor space consisting of a couple of bar stools.  The gentleman behind the counter was pleasant but a bit spacey.  That seems par for the course for Two Hippies, and maybe even part of the employee training.

The Good: A lot of food delivered quickly and cheaply

The Bad: Order it to go unless you plan to stand and eat over your hand like as if you’re at an awkward break-room party for a coworker’s birthday.

The Ugly: They can’t make room for tables or chairs, but they manage to squeeze an ATM into the tiny reception area?  Cash only!  Really, Two Hippies?  REALLY?  This is America.  We buy M&M’s on credit, for crying out loud!

Written by phxAdmin