Those of you who have been to the arts market in the Roosevelt Arts District may not know that it’s yet another brain child of the Roosevelt Row CDC. The A.R.T.S. Market serves small businesses and art vendors at First and third Fridays year round. Vendors looking to participate can secure a location for $50 for both First and Third Friday, or $80 for just First Friday.

Courtesy of Roosevelt Row

Does that seem a bit backwards? First Friday is prime property for vendors and artists looking to get their name out. But, with every artsy teen strolling the street in their winter tank tops, some adults may shy away from the crowd. Third Friday, though quieter then the hustle of First Friday Crowd, attracts a more serious adult, art crowd. Roosevelt Row, in all their wisdom, struck up this deal for vendors who show a commitment to participate in an A.R.T.S. market as well as to the growth of the district.

Vendors have to meet basic guidelines, which are outlined on the Roosevelt Row cite, and aren’t judged on aesthetics. And the deals don’t stop there. On November 12, Roosevelt Row will be hosting a pie social to benefit the Bioscience High School. After the pie social there will be an art walk where booths are only $25 for the night. On the nights that pie isn’t available Food vendors can grab a spot too by contacting the food trucks coalition who are acting as art walk partners.

Next first Friday is October 8th. We’ll see you there!

Written by phxAdmin