Final Four recycling

Final Four recycling

I’m watching for news of how the City of Phoenix did in trying to meet their Zero Waste Goal, but congrats to the city for trying during the Final Four championships. Learn more here.

“The city of Phoenix, in partnership with the NCAA and the Phoenix Final Four Local Organizing Committee, has set a goal to reach a zero waste diversion rate during the four days’ worth of activities at the Fan Fest at the Phoenix Convention Center and the Music Festival at Margaret T. Hance Park. To achieve this, Phoenix Public Works will be working very closely with the event’s waste management contractors, who will provide three types of containers for Fan Fest and concert-goers to use as they sort their waste into recycling, composting and trash.”

I wish them the best. I remember as a teenager in Germany, where I was stationed with my family, that they recycled almost everything. There were three types of bins at the average gas station. They were that good at their zero waste goal, and that was in the 1980s!

Typically, in America, if you put out three types of bins with instructions, you get a lot of trash mixing and vocal complaints about “why we have to do this, anyway,” along with some ill-informed statement about how it all goes in to a landfill and its all a scam.

Not true, by the way. The city has a robust recycling program. I know, I’ve toured the facilities and its all there. They sell the materials on the open market.

Be that as it may, kudos to the City of Phoenix for continuing the long, long education process.

Now, let’s find a way to get recycling in to commercial businesses and then we are really moving the ball forward on a zero waste goal.

Written by phxAdmin