501 E. Camelback Rd.

Two Hippies is not new. People have been raving about it since late last year. But I never got around to reviewing it.

Folks, this is some of the best recession food you can find. Get a Taco 3-pack for $5 or a massive burrito for $5. My three pack always includes the pork and the chicken. The third varies. Regardless, you never go hungry.

It is getting a little hot to sit outside and eat now -no indoor seating. However there are enough misters around the patio to sink the USS Ronald Reagan and they’ve done a good job of hiding their customers from the sun.

The place is a lot of fun, too. It’s plastered with every kind of odd, eclectic sign, poster post card and plastic Kewpie doll you can imagine. It’s Jimmy Buffett meets, er, eh,…Jimmy Buffett.

The Good: Cheap, good, filling!

The Bad: It’s bloody hot outside!

The Ugly:  none

Written by phxAdmin