1301 NW Grand Avenue

I remember walking along Grand Ave. years ago when I saw the corner property that is now Sapna Cafe. It was an oddly shaped space, just a cake slice of a building. I figured it would be perfect for a little coffee bar or restaurant.

I have not heard much talk on the street about Sapna, although it’s been open for three months. After trying it, I really want to give it a better review than I can (at least for right now).

I went three. Once just to test out the coffee and Wifi and the twice to grab a sandwich. The Wifi did not work. The shape and orientation of the building with it’s tall windowed sides meant that the only time the sun was not over-heating the restaurant was the three hours it was directly overhead.

They couldn’t do much to cool the place, despite extra fans.

The staff were all pleasant and conversational. But from what I had on my first visit, the food was not what I expected. Sapna was given its name from a nickname that owner Ana Borrajo was given while traveling overseas.

I had a chicken panini and a salad. The salad dressing was quite unique, but the panini was nothing to write home about.

However, the second visit -for lunch- helped me see the light. I had the pasta with ratatouille. It was unique and flavorful.

I also want to encourage you to support a little restaurant that is taking a chance on Grand Ave., despite the unfortunate solar heating features.

The Good: Aesthetically a really cool place to eat. Go for the non-traditional items over the sandwiches.

The Bad: It’s bloody hot outside!

The Ugly: East and west-facing windows in a little space make for a warm experience!

Written by phxAdmin