Thinking SustainablyAs a team we are often thinking sustainably. As you know, we highlight Going Green House cleaners because of the work they do to clean homes responsibly. We are also big fans of Greg Peterson’s Urban Farm website. We know that we need to change our relationship to our urban environment, too.

By the way, check out Greg’s podcast featuring the famous Jason Mraz, who has his own urban farming adventures.

So, we thought we’d share these two bits of brain food with you.

First, have you ever thought about the environmental impact of cement? We knew that it uses a lot of energy to create, but this article will give you an idea of just how much carbon is emitted from the production of cement. Cement is the second largest industrial emitter of carbon after the production of steel.

So, here’s the interesting thing: cement lasts longer and is more energy efficient than wood construction homes. But its manufacture is so much more energy intensive up front. Or, to think another way, our water infrastructure leaks enough water every day to serve 15 million households. However, the cement needed to solve that problem with new pipes will increase carbon emissions even further.

This article really explores the few options we have if we are thinking sustainably about cement.

thinking sustainablyHere’s another great find about how much plastic is in the world’s oceans, land and our bodies and what our options are to reduce its use. Hint: there are no easy solutions, but the knowledge is incredibly important to share.

You might find yourself sucked in to this Youtube page. Kurtzgesagt is the German word for “in a nutshell” and these folks provide entertaining and thought-provoking short videos about all nature of science, history and humanity.

Don’t let that video discourage you, though. Here is a handy website for how to generate less waste at home. Don’t feel over-whelmed! Its all about baby steps and changing habits.

As realtors we believe that we have a responsibility to think sustainably, and share that knowledge with you. You may own your home for more than 30 years –longer than the life of your mortgage. What will our life be like in the desert if we don’t pay more attention to water, carbon and our waste stream?

If you have questions about thinking sustainably, please hit us up at 602-456-9388!

Written by phxAdmin