2245 N. 12th St.

It was so surreal to eat in this warm, comfy place that used to be a nondescript building across from a shady convenience store in the Coronado neighborhood. It was as if they took somebody’s living room from circa 1977, sat us all down and fed us little nibbles of never-before-combined recipes. You certainly would not have seen these combinations in the heyday of leisure suits and Joe Namath.

I had the Medjool dates stuffed with Schreiner’s chorizo. It came with a pear dipping sauce that was light and unique. It went really well with the petite syrah.

Now, there are eight words I’d never imagined I would ever string together.

The Good: Just a really nice atmosphere and decor. They have come up with a very inventive and complementary taste palette.

The Bad: I feel like they should rethink the gorgonzola grits, covered in butter. I think even Jiffy Lube offers a lighter blend for your car.

The Ugly:  Meals and two drinks for the three of us ran $90. That kinda hurt.

Written by phxAdmin