Buying a Home

Whether you have never purchased a home, or if you just purchased a home two years ago, the market changes and the process of purchasing a home changes.

Sometimes we even find that a realtor you used in the past never explained to you why you were doing what you were doing –or signing!

That is why we think it is incredibly important for us to sit down with you (and preferably also your lender) to walk through the home buying process together.

Putting the elements of the process in to context can make the difference between a positive home buying experience and a maximum frustration. We will ask to meet with you over coffee or at your home for about an hour to present the Home Buyer Orientation.

If you are a first time buyer, have a look at this first time home buyer page for some really helpful advice.

If you are an investor, have a look at this for investors page for some tips we’ve learned by working with our investor clients.

If you have questions, please drop us a line at, or give us a call at 602-456-9388.