Pay it forwardYour referrals pay it forward!

In September, we sent donations to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts, thanks to our friends Hunter, Adam and Erin, who referred their friends to us.

When their friends closed on a new home, we circled back and asked what charity they’d like us to support.

Its a simple as that.

The next time you are at a cocktail party, or neighborhood barbecue, and somebody mentions wanting to buy or sell a home, please kindly remember us and you can help support your favorite charity.

Time and again over the years, referrals pay it forward to many different charitable organizations, from One in Ten, to the Nature Conservancy.

Hey, we aren’t the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, by any means. But it feels good to us and to our clients to know that we can do this little thing now and again.

We love our community and we believe that it is important to give back when we can. Can you think of any charitable organizations that you’d like to support with your referral, when you pay it forward?



Written by phxAdmin