Well, we are planning the 2018 Phoestivus. Can you believe its been nine years already?

We plan to have more vendors, more food, another batch of Phoestivus Ale from Phoenix Ale Brewery and an expanded event footprint.

If you are a local vendor and want to share your creative work with the world, please visit the website to apply. Look under “Vendors” on the main menu to find the link to the application.

The booths go quickly, since there are no over-head rent fees. Specifically, we take a cut of vendor sales, which goes toward the fundraiser for Community Food Connections. In that way, there is less of a risk for people who are trying to start a new business. Our goal is to support those start-ups. See what we did there?

So, you need to apply right away. Don’t miss out!

Plus, if you are interested in being a sponsor of the event, please call Ken at 602-456-9388. Sponsorships start at $500 and include all kinds of goodies, such as social media presence, visibility and access to the sponsor’s booth.

Our goal is to raise money for our premier open-air market while we continue to build our community around our own Phoenix traditions.


Written by phxAdmin