With ASU’s 2nd annual Phoenix Urban Design Week just three weeks away (April 4th and 5th), the Feast on the Street Saturday, April 13th, bringing together people around a half-mile long dining table in downtown Phoenix, historic preservation a constant need (last year’s coffee-table book showcases the importance of preserving Midcentury modern buildings), and the need for more sustainable green practices, I got to thinking:

What are some of the most important steps a person should take if they’re thinking of buying a home in the urban revitalization we’re witnessing in downtown Phoenix?

Step 1:   Get involved with groups like Local First AZ, Roosevelt Row, Get Your PHX, and Phoenix Spokes People (urban bicycle action group with 450+ members, intent on making our streets safer for bicyclists).

Step 2:  Condo or House? I wrote about this in August last year and it’s just as relevant today.

Step 3:  Take a walk, ride, or bike through our Historic Districts.

Step 4:  Familiarize yourself with the schools. This handy link lets you search by closest intersection.

Step 5:  Where are the best coffee houses? Which ones have wi-fi? Arizona Coffee has a great city-wide list with links, reviews, interviews, etc. My office is conveniently located in monOrchid, right next to Songbird café, which I highly recommend.

When you stop by, poke your head into my office not 10 feet away and say hello! I’d love to share some more urban tips with you about finding a home in downtown or central Phoenix.

Ken Clark, Realtor

Written by phxAdmin