Thanks again to Denny Durbin of Padre’s and Frank Fierro of Sol de Mexico for hosting one of our most popular events. The place was packed, we learned about Tequila, edible cactus and we tried some amazing dishes featuring napolitos. Personally, I suggest you try the creamed soup with chicken and napolitos. I think this truly unique dish will become a signature Padre’s classic.

For October, we are teaming up with the Nina Mason Pullium Rio Salado Audubon Center to bring attention to this crucially important habitat restoration and education center, located on the south side of the Rio Salado and Central.

The fine folks at the Audubon Center are cleverly collaborating with Four Peaks Brewery to entice y’all to come learn about birds. Yep. Free beer. But the learning is as rich as the beer. So rich, that the Center earned a Best of Phoenix award this year.

You may or may not know that 100 years ago the Rio Salado was almost entirely a “winterbourne” river, meaning it flowed primarily after the snows melted up north. Phoenicians would regularly swim in the river through the spring and summer. Once the Salt River Valley User’s Association (now SRP) began damming up the river up stream for electricity and agriculture, the Rio Salado slowed to a trickle.

The Audubon Center is one of several projects (some of which have been put on hold due to the recession), that seek to revitalize the Rio Salado.

In addition to the 16 miles of hiking and biking trails, the Audubon Center boasts sustainable features like photovoltaic panels, a waste water recycling system and rain water capture. If you know me, you know I geek out on that stuff.

This is a free event. But we ask you to come ready to explore. We also believe that by the end of this event you will want to contribute and support this unique project.

Check out the Birds and Beer Flyer here.

October Get Your PHX
Thursday, October 20th from 5:30 to 7:30.
3131 S. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85040 Map here


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