Friday night was Night Rail, a last-minute, all social network-driven, flash mob-style effort to show support for later light rail hours.

See the Thursday post for all of the great organizers of this event.

By Midnight, we had almost 60 people standing at the Roosevelt and Central Metro station, with more on the way.

My close friends and I started at Monti’s in Tempe. Nick Bastain of Rail Life was there, along with about 20 others. Michael Monti of Monti’s was with us and laid out the long and sometimes sordid history of Monti’s. (Did you know it used to be a brothel?)

We worked our way back to Central. Unfortunately, Portland’s was not open by the time we got there. I think they would have had some good business, had they been open. After our rally, we all dispersed, ending up at the Roosevelt, Carly’s and other places in-between.

In the future, we will communicate more with businesses along the light rail to encourage them to get involved. In the end, this was a test. It was only a test. We now know that we have the ability to get the word out about Night Rail. Our next phase will be to grow the event through business participation, live music and the help of people like you!

Written by phxAdmin