Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve got a new website.

Now you can:

1) Find more information about Get Your PHX events.

2) More blog posts, news and analysis.

3) Log on and instantly to search the real estate market in the entire valley. There is sooooo much more power in this website!

4) Access pre-made searches for everything from historic homes to those super-cheap condos around town.

Let me elaborate on #3.

On my previous site you could see some searches, but only the criteria that I create for you. Click on “Search the Entire Valley” and you will be able to define your own searches!

I’m even opening up the blog to contributors who want to share thoughts ideas and experiences about how they “Get Their PHX”. So, have a look. Poke around.

Send me your thoughts!



Written by phxAdmin