EsotericaThe March Get Your PHX with “F.U.N” story telling is a first for us, and we are pretty excited to bring it to you.

But, first, let’s get this out of the way. “F.U.N” is an acronym that we can’t really spell out on a G-rated website. It stands for f***-Up Nights. (Go ask your parents to explain.)

“F.U.N.” Phoenix, made its debut October 13 (The International Day For Failure). It is part of a global movement where stories of failed business and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. “F.U.N.” began in Mexico City in September 2012, and now as many as 200 cities in 70 countries participate in sharing the failure.

It has become an event where entrepreneurs, soon-to-be “f***-upreneurs” and others gather to listen to three or four stories about failure. It is something between a party and a casual business conference. The purpose of the event is to break free from the stigmas surrounding failure and to see it as a positive step everyone must overcome on the road to success. Especially since the majority of professionals don’t create the project of the year in their first attempt. Moreover, we can learn more from stories of failure than from stories of success.

How It Is Done
• You tell your failure story: What was the project? What went wrong? What did you learn? What would you have done differently?
• You get to have 10 images to tell your story. Each image is projected for 40 seconds. So 6:40 minutes. No more than 7 minutes.
• After the stories is a Q&A session.
• The night ends as a space for networking for attendees.
Event Details
• 5:30pm Doors + Listening Party/Artist Spotlight & Wine Tasting
• 6:45pm Welcome & Introductions
• 7:00pm Stories followed by Q&A
• 8:00pm Networking plus music
We are going to hose our Get Your PHX, F.U.N even at The Trunk Space, and we can’t think of a better place. Women-owned venue space that has been bringing music to downtown for over a decade.
As they put it, “The Trunk Space is a meeting place for the culturally curious explorer. We’re a place for art, music, experimental theater and performance art, circus side shows, vaudeville, and other creative acts you just can’t pigeonhole. We bring together creative types and weary travelers looking for a home.”

We ask you to sign up for this even for a free “ticket” via this link, so we can have a reliable RSVP list. Watch for updates on our Facebook event page.

Where: Trunk Space. 1124 n 3rd st, Phoenix, Arizona 85004
When: March 23rd starting at 5:30.

Written by phxAdmin