just soldWe can’t help but trumpet the home that we just sold. You can have a look at the historic description that we did of the home in this article from earlier this year.

This is a unique home in Phoenix, in a neighborhood that you would not know is there, almost unless you just stumble on it. Homes of this nature are often on the market longer, just given their price point. What we have found, as well, is that many people who are seeking out larger homes like this are accustomed to open floor plans, which were not a thing when this home was built.

People seeking historic properties seem to come in two varieties: those who are comfortable with the older, smaller kitchens and formal, separated dining rooms; and those who can’t figure out why none of the homes they are looking at have great rooms. In this case, the buyer intends to open up the kitchen in to the dining room.

For purists among historic advocates, this is heresy. Oddly enough, we have been hearing clients recently talking about how the great room concept is less appealing. They don’t want to have to keep their kitchen spotless in the off-chance that somebody drops by. So, perhaps we are seeing a swing back toward the days of smaller kitchens and separate dining.

This may be especially true as people seem to be more comfortable living in smaller homes and condos.

Either way, we are ready. We’ve seen it all.

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Written by phxAdmin