This alert comes to us from the Arizona Preservation Foundation. As realtors who spend much of our time in historic homes (and who live in them), we believe that our lives in Arizona are enriched when we preserve our state’s historic treasures.

However, over the last fifteen years, the Legislature has reduced funding for historic preservation efforts to nothing. There is an effort afoot to increase that funding back to normal levels. See below for the alert and important links.

See the original alert with legislators’ contact information at this link.

Preservation Alert! Help Restore the Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund

We are excited to let you know that a bipartisan group of Arizona state senators has introduced Senate Bill 1241 (“SB1241”) to restore the Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund (“Fund”).

From the time Arizona voters approved the creation of the Fund to the Great Recession when it was de-funded and removed from statute, the Fund served our state well with its dedication to parks, outdoor recreation, open space, non-motorized trails, outdoor and environmental education, and historic preservation. It is our hope that this Legislature restores the Fund after satisfying all other current encumbrances, and to bring the Fund back to effect in a responsible and deliberate manner.

 Why the Fund is important. Arizona’s local, regional, and state parks and recreation facilities are economic development generators that encourage the spending of tourist dollars, attract businesses whose workforce choose jobs in locations with quality of life benefits, strengthen community cohesion, and increase property values. Historic preservation initiatives in our rural communities and urban areas promote economic development by creating jobs, revitalizing historic areas, increasing property values, and promoting heritage tourism.

 For preservation advocates, SB1241 increases the percentage of funds devoted to historic preservation matching grants from 17% (outlined in the original 1990 Heritage Fund citizens initiative) to 30%. What you can do. 

SB1241 has been assigned to the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee and is on the agenda to be heard on Wednesday, February 6 at 2 p.m. in Senate Room 109, Arizona Capitol, 1700 W. Washington St.Read the bill language here and review the projects and communities that benefitted from the Fund in the past here.

Please submit your position through the Legislature’s “Request to Speak (RTS)” system. If you don’t have an account for the Legislature’s RTS System, review the steps below.

In the meantime, you can call or email the following members of the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee to let them know of your support for SB1241.

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