Hazardous Waste

In my capacity as a fan-boy of the Phoenix Public Works Department’s efforts to create a circular economy, I figured it would be a good time to talk about hazardous waste.

Try to suppress that yawn. This is actually pretty cool stuff to think about.

I know, its not Game of Thrones, but its pretty interesting to see the lengths the city goes to in order to make this a cleaner place. Plus, it is super-duper important that we recycle more in Phoenix. This is especially true of hazardous waste.

Hazardous WasteFor virtually zero dollars, you can recycle used computer bits and used up batteries (which have lots of rare earth metals in them), old paint (a petroleum product), CFL light bulbs (which have trace amounts of lead in them) and those nasty chemicals that have been sitting under your sink for most of your adult life.

Here’s a cool little video on how recycling computers, batteries and old phones can help reduce how much we have to mine for expensive rare earth metals in the future.

And, here’s a mostly-unrelated video on how you can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing slower shipping for those Christmas gifts you purchase on line. (I couldn’t help myself.)

The best part is that this gives you an opportunity to clear out all those drawers and cupboards that you’ve been avoiding for years.

Hazardous Waste

So, its really simple to do.

First, look at this link to see when and where the next hazardous waste collection event is going to happen.

Second, fill your car with the items that can be accepted at the collection events. Here’s a link for that.

Third, grab a copy of your last water bill and go to the collection site. (I forgot my bill last time. Don’t do this. The staff looks at you with that “Really? You couldn’t remember that one thing?” if they ask you for the bill and you don’t have it.)

When you get there, you will see a huge array of city staff directing cars, pulling things out of cars and separating out different hazardous items. Its odd at first, because you are not supposed to get out of your car. They want to just pick up the items out of your trunk, or wherever.

Hazardous WasteIts like a valet service for all those old items you did not know what to do with since George Bush was president.

So, there you go. Its easy to do on the way to a Saturday hike. Plus, it makes you feel all warm inside for doing your duty to family, city and the environment.

Written by phxAdmin