Comparable Market AnalysisNew to the Get Your PHX website is an instant CMA for your home, or Comparable Market Analysis.

It is simple. Just put in your address and we will do a real analysis for you (no automated, impersonal robots here). Then we can get together and refine that Comparable Market Analysis to account for specifics of your property and your neighborhood.

This is a good time to add a note about the estimates that you can get from those mega sites like Zillow, and Trulia.

They are wildly inaccurate in my experience. Let’s just put it on the table. Because these sites don’t have access to every Multi-Listing Service around the country, they depend on assessor records and property tax records. Property taxes are a reflection of assessors estimates of values, not of sales information.

In fact, there is an on-going debate about what impact these estimates are having on home owners. Here’s an article on the issue from a couple years ago.

Fun fact: Zillow calls them “zestimates” because they can’t legally call it an estimate. We agents can’t even call it an estimate. Unless I am an appraiser, I can only give you a comparative market analysis, or a “comp.” If you want more accurate analysis, let us do a Comparable Market Analysis for you, which is based on the actual Multi-listing Service in Phoenix –not some algorithm based on property tax records.

Another fun fact: Zillow, and Trulia are not in business to help you find a home or sell a home. They are in business to sell realtors like me ad space for folks like you to see while you are on their websites.

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Written by phxAdmin