Many of you who live in Central Phoenix may have watched the multi-year struggle of Harmony Mosier against cancer. Harmony, the young daughter of Paul and Keri Mosier, had rare form of cancer. She passed last Wednesday. You can see a tribute video to her here.

What was remarkable about her story was just how bravely she fought. We all watched as she struggled through round after round, with varying degrees of invasive and painful procedures, as well as radiation and chemotherapy.

Paul and Keri are active friends in our community. Keri makes beautiful jewelry, which she has sold at our Phoestivus Market since its inception. Paul is a well-regarded author and publisher.

Paul and Keri documented their struggle on Facebook and our community followed with rapt attention. Their writings and photos presented a touching and meaningful chronicle of a close and loving family dealing with a foe, which they rallied together to fight. Watching their story, we could see just how much the community was drawn her cause, with t-shirts, fundraisers and tributes.

Theirs is the story of two working parents who, when confronted by a demon who sought to take their daughter from them, put everything on the line. The doctors and hospitals, while bringing to bear all of their knowledge and new treatments, still cost money.

Without opining on the state of our health care system in American, we want to take this opportunity to request that you look at Harmony’s story and take a moment to donate to the GoFundMe campaign, which was set up long ago to help fight. Now that Harmony is gone, the bills remain for a family who has lost so much.

Michelle and I have donated and we will again. With so much grief, and in a moment when they will turn to focus on the beauty of the short time they had with Harmony, we hope that the community will help take the burden of medical bills off their shoulders.

Written by phxAdmin