charretteThere will be a public charrette on March 10th to consider ideas of what could be done with the State Fairgounds.

What is a charrette? Well, first, a little background.

About every ten years, we begin to hear rumors that the State of Arizona wants to relocate the State Fairgrounds from its current location at 19th Ave and McDowell to some unknown location.

Thus far, the move has never come to pass.

This time, there seems to be a stronger push for a relocation. The Governor’s office issued a request for information (RFI) last March to get ideas of what the public would like to see happen. Some folks wanted to keep the fair where it is. Some wanted to move it and build homes. Some wanted a public park. One of the tribes even offered to take the fair to their land.

There are many ideas, plus most of us want to be 100% certain to preserve the historic buildings on the fairgrounds.

So, what can you do when there are so many competing interests? Well, you get them all in to a room with some smarty-pants architects and city planners for a day and share as many ideas as you can come up with. At the end, the architects and planners lock themselves in a room and come up with some ideas, which the present to the public.

That’s basically what a charrette is.

I have my idea of what should happen, but your ideas are just as important.

So, you can learn more on the State Historic Preservation Office’s Facebook page. Better yet, you can join us on March 10th.

Written by phxAdmin