This time of year means a lot of energy consumption. Between all of the electronic games you give your kids and Christmas decorations, there will be spikes in energy bills across the city. (Especially if I can get a hold of one of those Kinect things. I’m gonna dance my tushie off.)

But one organization is here to help. The City of Phoenix is offering huge cash incentives to make your home more energy efficient.

The Energize Phoenix Program is offering energy-efficient improvements to neighborhoods along the light rail downtown.  Energize Phoenix has been fortunate to call on an established base of private-sector contractors experienced in energy efficiency work and programs. Not only will the program will provide cost-effective energy upgrades, but when you choose to update old, energy sucking appliances, they will shell out the cash to match the rebate that comes with energy saving production, all in the name of reducing energy consumption.

In 2010 the program was awarded 25 Million from the Better Building Program. Energize Phoenix aimed to upgrade 2,000 homes and 30 million square feet of business space. That’s right. This money will go towards commercial, residential, and industrial space all along the 10 mile “Green Rail”. The program hopes to reduce energy use in homes by 30% and commercially by 18% by 2013. And their well on their way.

On Wednesday, Energize Phoenix announced new territories, expanding their effort from Central and Missouri Avenues to Washington and 44th Streets. According to an Energize Phoenix representative, Phoenix is  “presented with a unique opportunity to become more green’ by making homes and businesses more energy efficient through the Energize Phoenix program. Downtown Phoenix is an ideal area for Energize Phoenix because the homes and businesses are among the oldest building stock in the city, which often translates to less efficient buildings.”

Of course this effort isn’t just in the name good doing and green living. It’s for research! Over the next few years, they hope to “evaluate energy savings of Energize Phoenix through macro statistical analysis of all projects and individual case studies of select projects.” That sounds science-y, right? It just means, they’re going to find out what works. Energize Phoenix is also, at its core, an effort to raise awareness and turn the green corridor into a mass energy saving community. 

 Phoenix is no stranger to green ideology. With ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability research and development right down the street, Phoenix is well on its way to being a healthy, carbon friendly city.
Written by phxAdmin