Ya’ll know that I’m a big fan of our locally-owned businesses. That’s why I’m a member of Local First Arizona and why I created the Phoestivus Market.

So, I was happy to have the opportunity to represent a very creative dress and accessory maker here in town as she sells her home and workshop. Jennifer Wood and her husband Aaron are relocating and they are listing a beautiful mid-century home that is tailored for the home-based artist or craftsman.

They adapted a 300 square foot work shop so that Jennifer could produce the French-influenced pieces that you can find at Mignonne Handmade. Jennifer makes each piece by hand, using solid brass and gold plating, as well as high quality, hand-dyed silks.

I particularly like the story behind this listing because it speaks to so much of what his happening in Central Phoenix these days. More and more people are rejecting the long commute and they are working from home. Not only that, but they are finding (or re-finding) craft and trade skills that America lost much of over the last few decades.

The combination of local production and skilled trade means that many homes will adapt to the new normal.

In this case, the owners took a basic extra room, guest house situation and made it a very adaptable space, suitable for anybody who has (or is thinking of having) a home business.

Have a look at the listing here. This is a rare example of a Central Phoenix home with a two-car garage. They’ve created a functional and comfortable space in the back for family. The living room is large and great for kids or entertaining.


Written by phxAdmin