climate and health championsAs part of a larger strategic plan to raise awareness around climate change and public health, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health is launching the Climate and Health Champions Recognition Program.  They are seeking nominations for youth, individual community members, businesses, and organizations in the county, who are taking action to improve health in the face of a changing climate.

You may know some ideal candidates for these awards, and we’d love to hear about them.  The county is circulating this announcement to our existing community partners.

The Climate and Health Champion Awards recognize local youth, individuals, businesses, and organizations that are taking steps toward implementing sustainable solutions, eco-friendly practices, or policies aimed at improving health and/or improving health equity (through elimination of economic or social barriers to health) that are at risk of climate-sensitive hazards.

Climate-sensitive hazards are exposures such as poor air quality, heat, flooding, drought, wildfires, dust storms, vector-borne disease, etc. that put people’s heath at risk and are influenced by local- to global-scale climate change.

Here are some examples of what eligible projects might include:

  • water collection/distribution to address high summer temperatures
  • water conservation to address the potential for drought and water scarcity
  • school or community garden building
  • tree planting to increase shade or combat air pollution
  • community cleanup/beautification to encourage walking or biking
  • composting or recycling programs that reduce landfill trash
  • energy conservation
  • trip reduction and hybrid fleet programs
  • assisting vulnerable populations (children and older adults, individuals with physical/cognitive impairment, individuals living in poverty, individuals experiencing homelessness, etc.) with adapting to climate change
Written by phxAdmin