I’m all giddy to tell you about these two homes for rent in Garfield. In both cases, the owners have improved the properties and will maintain a close relationship with the neighborhood as we transition in to a renaissance of renovation in downtown neighborhoods.

Folks are buying foreclosed homes in historic neighborhoods at historically low prices and are doing an incredible job bringing them back to their former glory

916 E. Taylor New1First, 916 E. Taylor is just about the finest example I’ve seen recently of how an old property should be renovated and improved in an historic neighborhood downtown.

916 E. Taylor New2This is a property with two small houses on it, each about 800 square feet. They are perfect for the downtown and/or ASU lifestyle, with everything updated, security and a beautiful courtyard between the homes. You can walk to First Friday in about 10 minutes from here.

916 E. Taylor New3I was the buyer’s agent for this property. The listing agent was Sherry Rampy and the man responsible for the renovation is Kurt Krutak, who has done a number of similarly meticulous transformations. According to Rampy, “This property stands as an example of what is possible in Garfield and it is right next to everything going on downtown.”

This is how the property used to look.
916 E. Taylor Old
This property is the new gold standard for how homes should be renovated and the potential we have in the Garfield neighborhood.

Both units are for rent right away. Please contact Ruben at rubenx02@yahoo.com or 602-368-6832.

747 E. McKinley NewSecond, 747 E. McKinley is a 1925 bungalow, renovated in 2006 with a new bathroom, new kitchen, laundry, security, all new landscaping and an inviting updated front porch. I even renovated most of the old double-hung sash windows so you can open the place up the way it was meant to be. It is about 1,100 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.

Front BeforeHere is they way it looked when I bought it in 2005.

You can walk from the front porch to the center of First Friday activities in about 5 minutes. I know. I timed it. I live here. I’m moving up the street to my old stomping grounds, but I will leave my heart in Garfield!

This property will come open in January. Please contact me at clarkreport@kenclarkforaz.com for inquiries.

Written by phxAdmin