Thanks again to Modified Director Kim Larkin and Associate Director Adam Murray for hosting our March Get Your PHX. Thanks also to David Lindsley from Valley Pizza Downtown for supplying the nosh. It was a pleasure to support this Downtown Anchor establishment as they transitioned to a new direction.

April is about furniture, frills and folic. We are extending our exploration of 16th St. and reaching out a little beyond the traditional downtown.
This month is about diversity, eclecticism and just being absolutely over the top with Universal Furnishings & Offerings and BoomBoom LaRue.
Why two hosts? Why not? They are next door neighbors and they are both an absolute hoot. Oh, and this month is UFO’s 2nd anniversary, or as owner Leonardo Ramirez likes to say, his “3rd Orbit Celebration.”

UFO is not a used furniture store. This is an interactive space, with an art gallery, a classroom and 4,000 square feet of showroom. We have lots of surprises coming (watch Facebook for announcements), but we can tell you that you will get a chance to learn from the artisans who do everything from make accessories to reupholster furniture.

UFO is a place where people and furniture can have a rebirth in purpose, style and attitude. Leonardo calls it “recycle-tude.”

Now, BoomBoom. What can we say? The partnership for this Get Your PHX means you can expect a huge blow-out of fun and surprises.
If you think “drag dresses” when you think of BoomBoom, you will be as keen to learn as I was that they do more than that. Sherman Bush and Joseph Paul of BoomBoom enlightened me as to why they have grown from a little booth in the old antique shop at McDowell and 7th to over 2,500 square feet of dresses, costumes, accessories and men’s clothes.

Sherman tells me that they provide unique items to the drag community, but also men, women, art students, actors and for a whole array of eclectic uses.

What made them more than a costume shop –and allowed them to grow in a recession– is how they guarantee uniqueness.

Case in point, Sherman pointed to a costume jewelry case in the store and told me, “If anybody buys a piece of jewelry from that case (and many clothing items, too), we guarantee not to sell an identical piece for at least 4 year.”

So, no more showing up to cocktail parties only to be embarrassed that I’m wearing the same choker as Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Fan Page for updates. As you know, there are always surprises.

April Get Your PHX
Thursday, April 21st from 5:30 to 8:30.
3602 and 3606 N 16th St
Phoenix, 85006
Map here

Please RSVP to me via email or through Facebook so I can get an accurate count.

The goal of Get Your PHX is to show up, en masse, to support those who pioneer new restaurants, stores, bars and event spaces. We want to provide them a boost as they put their sweat, tears and wealth on the line to make life great downtown. Plus, we want to provide a chance for you to meet others like you, who want to get the most out of Phoenix.

Written by phxAdmin