New Urban Dweller

So, you are thinking of taking that big step and buying a home in the New Urban Experiment.

I think the best thing about living in CenPho today is that we are creating our identity every day in creative ways. After decades in which the city and state virtually ignored CenPho as a place one only drives past on the way to ballgames, we are in a renaissance.

And, what’s best about that renaissance is that people are very open to your participation. We’ve both lived in different cities around the country and we can tell you that Phoenix is the most open and welcoming if you want to get involved in the community –no old money or power cliques that stand in the way of you making a difference.

We love that!

Here are some of the most important things to know.

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2) Where are the Historic Neighborhoods in Phoenix? Look here. 

3) Should I buy a condo or a house? Check out this Condo vs House that I put together.

4) What public school districts serve downtown? Check out here. Check here for a ranking of private schools.

5) Get involved with groups like Local First AZ , Downtown Voices Coalition  and Roosevelt Row…and many more. Just ask. We know them all!

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