Do’s and Dont’s for the Seller

Here’s a handy presentation on the home selling process, that you might find handy.

And here are some more tips:

  • Have your carpets cleaned professionally (the front yard, the front door, and carpets are the top 3 things buyers see first and remember forever; it is an inexpensive investment).
  • Paint rooms where the paint has faded or is damaged.
  • Put away as many personal belongings as possible (family photos, trophies, collections, knick knacks, souvenirs). The goal of selling is for the buyer to envision the house as theirs and to not think they are intruding in your house.
  • Clear off the kitchen countertops (even if it means putting the toaster or coffee maker in a cupboard every day) (buyers like to see lots of counter space in a kitchen).
  • Pack up unused kitchen items (dishes, appliances, junk drawers, pots & pans) (this will create open spaces in your cupboards which is very appealing to buyers).
  • Start using up canned goods in your pantry (they’re heavy, they take up space, and who wants to carry them when you move?).
  • Clear out and clean out under the kitchen sink (all buyers look under sinks for water damage; make it look fresh and clean and uncluttered there).
  • Clear out the crammed closets throughout the house (again, open space is very appealing to buyers; they also want to easily see how deep your closets are).
  • Put away extra furniture or bulky furniture (this gives an illusion of more space).
  • Clear out or throw away unused items in garages, attics, and sheds.
  • Polish sink faucets and handles and make sure there are no leaks.
  • Patch up any nail holes, wall cracks, or other wall damage.
  • Repair or replace broken floor tiles.
  • Make sure doors, closet doors, and windows can open easily (no creaks!).
  • Be aware of odors (from pets, smoke, cooking, etc.) Have a friend come over and give you an honest sniff test.
  • Keep the front yard and back yard tidied up. sweep the front walk, mow the yard, pick up dog waste, clean the pool; plant flowers and bushes out front to create curb appeal. Don’t bother with trees; mature trees are too expensive and small trees don’t add much to the appearance.
  • Keep the front door polished and clean; add a nice doormat.
  • Make sure the front door lock works easily. How embarrassing to have the buyer’s real estate agent fumble to open the door.

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