Welcome to GET YOUR PHX

Why i choose the get your PHX team

Get Your PHX an attitude and a lifestyle. It is a love for Phoenix and a desire to tell the world that there are some great things to do and see here.

Get Your PHX is a portal to finding just the right property.

Get Your PHX is your source for information on selling your property.

We bring to bear our extensive connections and knowledge of Phoenix to help you make the right real estate decision.

Get Your PHX is also a community event. It is the best way that I’ve found to help build community, create new relationships and taste the lifestyle that Phoenix promises.

Once per month we get together at a gallery, restaurant or bar that has just opened or is re-opening in Central Phoenix in order to give them a boost and get the word out. Over the past seven years, we’ve hosted events at the top of the Luhrs Building, at galleries, furniture stores, restaurants and even hosted Phoenix’s first open air holiday market, called the Phoestivus Market.

We want to support folks who are taking such risks and making our lives richer in Phoenix. Drop us a line on our contact page or on Facebook if you’d like to get on the invite list. Facebook has photos of previous events, too.

Choosing an agent is a very personal decision. Let’s grab a cup-o-coffee, I’ll explain the how we work for you and you can see if we are the right agents for you.

Try before you buy! Contact us at 602-456-9388.